Online Sports Betting

We all love sports! And since we spend so much time watching the games, talking about the games, thinking about the games, why not start making money from the games?

Online sports betting is a great way to put your knowledge about your favourite sport to good use and make some money. Our mission is to help you do that!

On theVIPgambler we have single handedly selected the best online bookmakers with the highest bonuses. We’ve also written down great reviews to help you choose an online bookmaker.

In addition, we have prepared a ton of useful information in the form of tips and guides to guide you through the confusing process of online sports betting and make sure you really win!

Sports Betting Guides

Feeling ready to start capitalizing on your passion for sports? Great! Our sport betting guides will teach you how to read the odds and numbers in the newspapers, as well as what “ATS trends” and “fade” mean.

Our guides are comprehensive and suitable for beginners and intermediate betters alike, with a focus on online sports betting.

Online Bookmaker Reviews

With so many online bookmakers available, it is hard to decide which one you should open an account with. This is where theVIPgambler can help.
On this site we have listed a small number of personally and manually tested online bookmakers. Each of them comes with a detailed review to help you decide which one is perfect for your needs.

Up-to-date list of the best online bookmaker bonuses!

Football Betting Tips

We love it when you’re winning! That’s why we give you for free our best football betting tips to help you beat the bookmakers. Latest odds and predictions from our expert football tipsters are published daily. Luck comes to those who are prepared.

Horse Racing Tips

We have already prepared some good horse racing tips for today for you to consider. Keep in mind, that they are provided by theVIPgambler’s best professional tippers.

Don’t miss our horse racing tip of the day. Have a look and then go play the odds before the races are over.

Golf Betting Tips

It may seem impossible to make the PGA or European Tours even more exciting, but try placing a bet and you the excitement bar goes through the roof!

Get the latest golf betting tips and trends analysis from the professional golf tipsters at TheVIPgambler and secure your money for an easy win.

Snooker Betting Tips

Some consider snooker to be “the world's most skilled, absorbing, tactically subtle” of all sports. If you agree and if you’re passionate about the game, if you know the players and their skills, you are probably betting.

And if you aren’t you should be! But first, make sure to take a look at our snooker betting tips. Who knows, you might find there something you missed.